Lauri Lohi | Foto: Alicja Hoppel

A dance piece for four dancers in which the humor that arises from the handling of the scenographic material, and the interest in the barely controllable physical energy emerging from anger, unite in a bizarre way and thus create a fairytale-like world of images.

How do we reflect about the fact that we are part of an “angry society” where violence is part of our daily lives? Through coping with expressive and disturbing, yet captivating scenes, EXPLOSION is triggering the process of spectators inner reflection on the topic. Do you enjoy being angry? Do you find people in amok bizarre or even funny? Do anger and violence scare you? Is it all too much to digest at the same time?

EXPLOSION addresses the contemporary phenomenon of living in an “angry society.” Due to the constant stimulation from the environment, inner and outer tensions accumulate, so that the explosion seems to be the only way out.

Choreography: Alica Minár

Music: Matouš Hejl

Dance: Caroline Alexander, Evgenia Chetvertkova, Lauri Lohi, Xenia Vlachou Kogchylaki

Stage design and costumes: Claudia Gali

Lightdesign: Raquel Rosildete

Text: Henning Bochert and Ensemble

Assistant of choreographer: Lenka Vořechovská

Production assistant: Alžběta Konečná

Supervision: Wanda Golonka, Christiane Berger

Mentoring: Lukas Matthaei, Sandra Umathum

Camera: Holytropic films

Editing and colourgrading: Alicja Hoppel

Sound recording and sound mixing: Etienne Haan

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