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West in Peace

Mausoleum Buffo

Pandämonium Germanicum

Deepika Arwind

Phantasmagoria / Phantasmagorie

John Barrow

Excentric Planet / Exzentrischer Planet

Sivan Ben Yishai

Your very own double crisis club [Selection Autorentheatertage 2017; partial publication in Jalta 05]

George Brant

Grounded / Am Boden

Dead Centre & Mark O’Connell

To be a machine (version 1.0) / Die Maschine in mir (Version 1.0)

Patrick Ellsworth

Dancer in the Dark

Simon Froehling

Familie Kern / The Core Family

Trevor Griffiths

Who Shall Be Happy…? / Hoffnung im Jahre II

Jason Grote

Civilization / Zivilisation

Martin Heckmanns

Kommt ein Mann zur Welt / A Man Walks into a World (in: The Mercurian Vol. 3, No. 4)

Christoph Hein

Ritter der Tafelrunde / Knights of the Round Table

In Acht und Bann / Banned

Lorenz Langenegger

Nordwärts / Northward bound

Ingrid Lausund

Bandscheibenvorfall / Slipped Disc

Eve Leigh

Midnight Movie

Wolfgang Lotz

Einige Nachrichten an das All / A Few Messages to Space

Karen Malpede

Other Then We / Anders als wir

Tina Müller

Glückshaut / Caul

Carlos Murillo

A Human Interest Story (or The Gory Details and All) / Vermischte Meldungen (oder Die ganzen blutigen Details)

Dark Play or Stories for Boys / Dark Play oder Jungsgeschichten

Jimmy Murphy

Brothers of the Brush / Schwarzmaler

Iddo Netanyahu

A Happy End / Happy End

Dan O’Brien

The Body of an American

Eliza Power

Feathers / Federlesen

Adam Rapp

Classic Kitchen Timer / Eieruhr

Fine Noble Gases / Der Duft der großen weiten Welt

Red Light Winter / Rotlichtwinter

Stone Cold Dead Serious

Blackbird / Wintervogel

Damian Rebgetz

The Hooks

Neil Simon

God’s Favorite / Gottes Liebling

Nassim Soleimanpour


Darja Stocker

Bevor es regnet / Before the Rain

Andrea Stolowitz


Bernhard Studlar

iPlay (in: The Mercurian Vol. 5, No.3)

Jill Szuchmacher

Yield / Virus

Supertitles (partial list)

Deep Present (-> DE, Politik im Freien Theater 2019)

Lokis (-> DE, Festival Theaterformen 2019, Staatstheater Hannover)

O que nao acontece (-> DE, Festival Theaterformen 2018, Staatstheater Braunschweig)

Open the Owl (-> DE, Puppentheater Ljubljana/Puppentheater Magdeburg 2018)

Hedda Gabler (-> EN, Ostermeier/schaubühne)

Miss Julie (-> EN, Ostermeier/teatr.doc)

Schiff der Träume (-> DE, Karin Beier/Theatertreffen Berlin 2016)

Poe’s Haunted Palace (-> DE, Tiger Lillies/Puppentheater Magdeburg 2018)

Ubu and the Truth Commission (-> DE, William Kentridge/Foreign Affairs 2016)

The Gabriels pt. 1, 2, and 3 (-> DE, Richard Nelson/F.I.N.D. Festival Schaubühne 2017)

Klątwa/The Curse (-> DE, Oliver Frljić/Maxim-Gorki-Theater 2017)

Feature film

Thank You For Banking With US (In Good Company, Laila Abbas)

The Delegation (In Good Company, Asaf Saban)

Tschiller: Off Duty (Christoph Darnstädt)

Old Iron (Ivan Lovric, Oliver Kacarevic)

Reincarnation (Rheingold Films, Tomy Wigand)

Die Liste (Klaus Hüttmann)

Lucky and the Hitman (Hartmann Schmige)

Ever after

Dance with me

Lake Placid

The Good Girl

The Transporter

Life Or Something Like It

Zero Effect

Dancer, Texas

Krippendorf’s Tribe

Dancer, Texas

Never Tell Me Never

Knock Off

Lost in Space

Non-fiction (partial list)

The Ground We Stand On

We see you white American theater (Theater heute, 07/2020, ISSN 0040-5507)

Shahid Nadeem

Message for World Theatre Day 2020

Jens Van Lathem

Entry, Duration of Stay and Guarantee of Return (Yearbook 2018 International Theater Institute Germany)

Clementine Ewokolo Burnley

The future of African Literature in Berlin, and elsewhere (Keynote Stadtsprachen LCB 2018)

Jan Brokof

Tropical Healing (Essays, SALZ Verlag 2017, ISBN 978-3-943016-76-5)

Dr. Eva Illouz

Sexual Freedom and the Rise of Uncertainty/Sexuelle Freiheit und das Aufkommen der Unsicherheit (Dresdner Reden 2017)

Stephen Greenblatt

The Survival of Dangerous Ideas (Dresden Talks 2013)

Vladimir Arsenijvić

On Overpowering Goodness of Mankind/Die Übermacht menschlicher Güte (in: spritz / sprache im technischen Zeitalter 218, ISBN 978-3-412-50601-8)

The Urban Sacred

Essays by Prof. Birgit Meyer, Prof. Kim Knott, Prof. Volkhard Krech, Dr. Susanne Lanwerd, Dr. Steph Berns, Dr. Daan Beekers on religion and architecture/catalogue of the exhibition by the same name (University Bochum 2016)

National Archive Malaysia

Minutes of the “Baling Talks” (Festival Theaterformen 2016)

Mark Long

Favelas: architecture of survival. The photographs of Pedro Lobo (WALL 2016)

Ângela Magalhães / Nadja Fonseca Peregrino

Poetics of a landscape. The photographs of Pedro Lobo (WALL 2016)

Dr. Mladen Dolar

The Quality of Mercy is not Strained (Essay on mercy in Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”)


Thi Mai

When We First Met

Maggie and Bianca

Ben 10

Young Justice

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee


The Little Rascals


Star Trek: Voyager

I Am Your Father

Kill Ratio

Aşktan Kaçılmaz/Can’t Run From Love



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