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with new translations from Italy, Germany, and Spain by Daniel Smith and Valentina Denzel, Henning Bochert, Jason Yancey, and Phyllis Zatlin. In this new edition of the renowned “Theatrical Review”, the editor, Adam Verseniy, was kind enough to publish my translation of Bernhard Studlar’s IPLAY. I added a short introduction. Previously, another translation of mine, […]

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Names and their translations in Martin Heckmanns’ “A Man Walks into a World”

Martin Heckmanns’s play A Man Walks into a World (Kommt ein Mann zur Welt) plays on the playwright’s core theme of identity. “Who am I?” is a question Heckmanns never finds himself able to answer, as it always tends to open an even deeper abyss instead of a congruent answer. In A Man Walks into […]

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