with new translations from Italy, Germany, and Spain by Daniel Smith and Valentina Denzel, Henning Bochert, Jason Yancey, and Phyllis Zatlin.

In this new edition of the renowned “Theatrical Review”, the editor, Adam Verseniy, was kind enough to publish my translation of Bernhard Studlar’s IPLAY. I added a short introduction. Previously, another translation of mine, Martin Heckmann’s A MAN WALKS INTO A WORLD, had appeared in Volume 3.4.

On the website of the small online magazine, published on a voluntary basis and operated by the Drama Department of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, its mission is stated as follows:

The Mercurian is named for Mercury who, if he had known it, was/is the patron god of theatrical translators, those intrepid souls possessed of eloquence, feats of skill, messengers not between the gods but between cultures, traders in images, nimble and dexterous linguistic thieves. Like the metal mercury, theatrical translators are capable of absorbing other metals, forming amalgams. As in ancient chemistry, the mercurian is one of the five elementary “principles” of which all material substances are compounded, otherwise known as “spirit”. The theatrical translator is sprightly, lively, potentially volatile, sometimes inconstant, witty, an ideal guide or conductor on the road.
The Mercurian publishes translations of plays and performance pieces from any language into English. The Mercurian also welcomes theoretical pieces about theatrical translation; rants, manifestos, and position papers pertaining to translation for the theatre; as well as production histories of theatrical translations.


This volume 5.3 also includes translations and contributions of and about:

    – Carlo Gozzi’s LA DONNA SERPENTE (THE SERPENT LADY) of 1762, translated by Daniel Smith and Valentina Denzel
    – Jason Yancey’s QUIJÓTERES: THE INGENIOUS PUPPED DON QUIJOTE DE LA MANCHA, translated and adapted by himself
    – Antonio Muñoz de Mesa’s POLICY (LA VISITA), translated by Phyllis Zatlin

You can download the magazine (PDF) here.

Enjoy reading!

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