Real 3D coffee with Jan

Over coffee, Jan tells me about his gigantic tropicannibalism project. His exhibition FRUCHT und ZUCKER (FRUIT and SUGAR) dealt with it already. He manufactured the card for the exhibition by having a photograph converted into a plaster figure by means of 3D printing and then photographing it on his wooden kitchen table next to a plate of tropically colourful fruit and a few tropical images on the wall. It was not far-fetched to have the same figure contemplate that card on the very same table and make the effect even more confusing.
Interesting: the 3D printing creates a three-dimensional version of a two dimensional image, which then is, however, missing a few “real” characteristics of its three-dimensionality, although it is not immediately obvious which those are. On the card, on the other hand, the figure created with so much effort looks like it were montaged into the ensemble because the image of the little sculpture that was itself created from an image does not appear to be three-dimensional next to the really three-dimensional fruit etc., meaning the figure does not appear to be a two-dimensional image of something three-dimensional. The re-conversion of the 3D print into a two-dimensional facsimile reveals it to be a fake.

Photos: Henning Bochert

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