Eve Leigh: Two Premieres

Next weekend, the next two premieres of plays I have translated are coming up.

This has never happened before for me: two premieres by the same author in my translation on two consecutive days! Both MIDNIGHT MOVIE (on Friday) and FLÄCHENBRAND (on Saturday) were penned by Eve Leigh, both of which I translated for Rowohlt Theaterverlag. I would be very happy to see you there!

MIDNIGHT MOVIE (German Premiere)

“In the endlessness of a long night, a whole world opens up next to the bed. A woman suffers from insomnia and escapes into the endless expanses of virtual reality. In the open windows of the browser, a student wanders through a ghost hotel, a teenager falls into the clutches of a stranger, and a man searches for images of his brother in a Ukrainian prison. While her boyfriend sleeps next to her, the parallel worlds blur into a universe of digital ghosts that can be approached disembodied and become addicted. But will she find her way back when the morning dawns?” (website of the theatre)

Drama by Eve Leigh
Translated from English by Henning Bochert
(German language premiere)

Directed by: Rebekka Bangerter

09.09.2022 | 7.30 pm

Anhaltisches Theater Dessau


by Eve Leigh
Translated from English by Henning Bochert

directed by Verena Regensburger

10.09.2022 | 8:00 pm

Theater Bonn, Werkstatt


Eve Leigh is a playwright and writes texts for performances and installations. In 2017 she was an in-house playwright at the Greek National Theatre in Athens, and renowned theaters such as the Royal Court Theatre in London and the Royal Shakespeare Company perform her plays. With MIDNIGHT MOVIE she was invited to the Stückemarkt of the Berlin Theatertreffen in 2021, for which Verena Regensburger staged the play.


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