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Literature: CROWD conference

In January, the CROWD conference (CReating Other Ways of Dissemination) gathered at the Berlin Lettrétage. Literary activists from various European countries discussed the situation of literature and the public support for it in their respective countries, listened to literature, and made themselves public. Now CROWD composed a summarizing report (in English) on the insights gained […]

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CEATL survey on literary translations

Only now do I find this survey of the European Coucil of Literary Translators' Associations. Although it is from 2008, the numbers and conclusions would have surprised me in various instances then, too. E. g., the numbers on all literary translations in relation to the translated works among them in a European overview on pages […]

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LESS THAN ONE/Joseph Brodsky

In 1986, Joseph Brodsky (Nobel prize for literature 1987) describes in two texts (“LESS THAN ONE” und “A ROOM AND A HALF”) his childhood, the Russian collective unconscious, anti-Semitism, and the characteristics of society under totalitarian rule that can make anybody both hangman and victim. Both texts are equally beautiful and painful. The German translators […]

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