Internationaler Theaterworkshop „3 Cities“

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Pokoleniy_webWe are happy to announce that our laboratory “Tale of Three Cities”, which we had so successfully in Berlin, Germany last June is going to be continued this coming July/August in St. Petersburg, Russia.

We will be coming together in St. Petersburg on July 17th 2016 and will finish our work three weeks later on August 7th.

The cost of the participation in the laboratory is going to be $1,200, which will include the participation fee and the cost of the housing in St. Petersburg. We will be collecting those funds in St. Petersburg upon your arrival in cash. Please make sure that the bills are clean and do not have any cuts or markings, the Russian banks are particularly sticky about such matters.

In addition to that participants will need to purchase air ticket from whatever their point of departure will be to St. Petersburg and back.

You will also need to pay for the visa to Russian Federation. For the details of that please refer to the Russian embassy in Washington DC site.

For getting your visa for Russia we recommend this agency.
They will handle all your needs for a moderate fee. We have used their services many times.

It is important to understand that this trip is your private trip as a tourist and should be officially handled like such. You should always state that you are just a tourist and are coming on your own initiative. This is not an educational or business trip and should never been mentioned as such. Do not use Theater Pokoleniy or any other name as your hosts in Russia. The agency will give you an address of a hotel where you will be registered after you enter Russia. Theater Pokoleniy management will take care of that when you arrive.

Our housing will be handled by our friends at Theater Pokoleniy – the company who’s participation in our Berlin work we enjoyed so much. For those who are not familiar with there work – here is the web site, which will give you some basic info:

The management team of Theater Pokoleniy will rent apartments for our arrival where all participants from US and Germany will stay.

When we know the list of people who will sign up for participation we will give you a contact of a person who will be handling all organizational details.

The process will be lead by the same team of professionals as in Berlin:
Eberhard Koehler – stage director, Berlin, Germany
Christopher Barreca – stage designer, director, Head of Design at CalArts, Los Angeles, USA
Danila Korogodsky – stage designer, director, artistic director of Theater Pokoleniy, St. Petersburg, Russia, professor of design CSULB, Long Beach, CA
Simone Ho – composer, musician, Bern, Switzerland

The work will be centered around a poem by great German poet Hans Magnus Enzensberger “The Sinking of Titanic”. It was translated into English by the author and is easily available on

Please make sure that you are familiar with this material before the start of our work.
Our stay in St. Petersburg is going to be full of exciting events, in addition to the work on “The Sinking of Titanic” on July 29th we will be taking part in the memorial celebration of 90th birthday of the founder of Theater Pokoleniy, a renowned Russian director Zinovy Korogodsky, and on August 4th it is going to be 10 years since the beginning of Danila Korogodsky’s tenure as an artistic director of the company, which will be marked with a special evening of theater.

The work of our laboratory will culminate in a public presentation of the results of our process at Theater Pokoleniy stage on August 6, 7.

We sincerely hope that you will join us in St. Petersburg.
See you there!

Eberhard Koehler
Chris Barreca
Danila Korogodsky

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