Reading list 2021

  1. Lutz Seiler/Stern 111
  2. Alina Brodsky/Die schärfsten Gerichte der tatarischen Küche
  3. Andrea Wulf/Alexander von Humboldt, Die Erfindung der Welt
  4. Sara Rai/Im Labyrinth (Ü: Johanna Hahn)
  5. Neil MacGregor/Deutschland: Erinnerungen einer Nation (Germany: Memories of a Nation; Ü: Klaus Binder)
  6. Dan O’Brien/New Life
  7. Sharon Dodua Otoo/Adas Raum
  8. John Dos Passos/U.S.A.
  9. James Baldwin/Giovanni’s room
  10. Alfred Andersch/Vater eines Mörders
  11. James Baldwin/Ein anderes Land (Another Country; Ü: Miriam Mandelkow)
  12. Clemens Setz/Die Bienen und das Unsichtbare

One should think that during the second pandemic year 2021, I had a lot of time to read. In reality, however, Drama Panorama’s panorama #1: übertheaterübersetzen as well as a number of readings, events, festivals and translations kept me on such a short leash that I had much less time to read. My resolution for this year is to catch up on that (with stacks waiting). And I have to in relation to research projects that I will report on during the course of this year.

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