DER DIE WAS – a reading and talk with translators

Kraetsch and Bochert read from Eve Leigh’s (UK) MIDNIGHT MOVIE, from Michal Hvorecky’s INTIMABSTAND, and from Jaroslav Rudiš‘s BÖHMISCHES PARADIES (CZ). In Leigh’s brand new play, we travel with the narrating voice on their digital horror trip through the night. In Rudiš‘s play, 16 naked men talk about things on their mind in a northern Bohemian provincial sauna. During the reading, the translators talk shop about the challenges of the grammatical gender in different languages and fair language. How to represent the gender in German when none is visible in the original or explicitly avoided there? How to deal with barroom clichés and other traditional gender stereotypes? What options are there?

Henning Bochert is a translator for English and German, dramaturg, and author with a diploma in acting. Mirko Kraetsch is a translator for Czech, Slovak, and German, author, moderator, cultural mediator and cityscape explainer.

– 90 minutes –

Presented for the first time on Jerome’s Day 2020 at the ACC Galerie Weimar as a Weltlesebühne event. Available for further presentations.

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